Is Steve Lonegan, the Anti-Spanish Former Mayor of Bogota, Jewish?

medium_slxNo, New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan is not a Jew. He is Catholic and attends St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Bogota.

Back on 7/17/2006 here is what we posted on our blog about Mr. Lonegan when he tried to get a Spanish advertising billboard removed from his town…

Don’t confuse this town with the capital city of the same name in Colombia, South America, where the official language is Spanish and the national motto is Libertad y Orden.

The Bogota NJ city council made it perfectly clear last week that is wants no Spanish billboards in that borough.

Apparently NOBODY told these folks how dumb they look protesting a billboard. So they escalated the matter by protesting to the offending advertiser, McDonalds, and by calling for a boycott. Thankfully. McD’s won’t budge.


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