Influence of Orthodox Jews Rising

In an editorial on the shifting of political and social power in New York City, the New York Times listed Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn as the group whose power and influence is rising fastest.

It is not as if the Jews of Brooklyn suddenly had opinions. But in recent years, they have discovered a forum to share them — the Internet — and a place to express them: the polls.

When Bob Turner, a Republican, defeated David I. Weprin, a Jewish Democratic candidate, in a special election for Anthony D. Weiner’s Congressional seat in September, with heavy Orthodox support, it was seen as a vote on President Obama’s position on Israel.

When Councilman Lewis A. Fidler, a Democrat from south Brooklyn, failed to win outright a seat in a special State Senate election in March (the vote count is still held up in court proceedings), it was partly because David Storobin, the Republican candidate, criticized his opponent’s support of same-gender marriage, and a vocal group of rabbis supported him.


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