Hurricane Sandy: Boss Springsteen to the Rescue

On Friday night, while Jews around the east coast will gather together at Synagogues for their first Shabbat davening since the devastating Hurricane, the pop-culture world will be having their own spiritual experience at the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Sting and “the Boss” Bruce Springsteen, among others, are headlining a benefit concert to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

As someone who grew up in the teeny bopping, R&B and Rap world of Los Angeles, my exposure to these “God’s of Rock N Roll” is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, I am most certain that “the Boss” will sing, “My City of Ruins,” a song which he wrote to honor the victims of 9/11 and one which provides inspiration following any tragedy, and certainly in the aftermath of Sandy.

The song highlights different images of people trying to cope with tragedy: the guy depressed to find his congregation gone, “the younger ones on the corner like scattered leaves,” without direction and unable to process the tragedy that unfolded in front of them.


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