Hope: A Monument to Raoul Wallenberg

Amidst the many stories of heroism that have emerged out of the tragedy of the Holocaust, the life of Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg has been a subject of great tribute. Along with men like Oskar Schindler, he demonstrated the vital role the bystander could play. His humanitarian acts-from distributing passports, food, and medicine to bribing Nazi officials-saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews in Hungary. Through the years, Wallenberg’s bravery haunted Gustav Kraitz, himself arrested by the Russians at the same time Wallenberg disappeared from Budapest, until finally in 1998 the artist unveiled his powerful tribute. Located near the United Nations in New York City, Hope is a remarkable assemblage including cobblestones from the ghetto in Budapest, five monoliths of black Swedish diabase, and a beautifully fired blue ceramic globe, which represents hope for the future.

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