Homeland: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel

Marv Wolfman, Mario Ruiz, William J. Rubin

Publisher: Nachshon Press

This groundbreaking graphic nonfiction, is the only complete history of the State of Israel in graphic novel form on the market. History, religion and politics and the current Middle East situation are all given comprehensive coverage. With full-color art and dynamic narrative, HOMELAND is an engaging way for readers to understand key information about 4,000 years of complicated history that has become the focus of daily newscasts.

The book provides an academically sound base of information about Israel’s story from biblical times through the present. HOMELAND is written from the Israeli point of view, but also acknowledges that there are other narratives of the region’s history.

HOMELAND includes an introduction by Rona Ramon, wife of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon who perished in the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy.

“HOMELAND will be the most important work for Israel since Leon Uris’ Exodus! We believe it can revolutionize the understanding of Israel for everyone.” — William J. Rubin, Executive Editor, Nachshon Press, LLC.


Marv Wolfman is a well-known creator and writer of comic books, animation, children’s books, novels and television. He is the creator of Blade and co-creator of Teen Titans. He is the author of Superman Returns and Crisis on Infinite Earths, which sold out immediately following its first printing.

Mario Ruiz is the creator-artist of the critically acclaimed graphic novels, Samson: Judge of Israel and Testament. The former editor-in-chief and creator of Metron Press, founded Valor Comics in 2004 and has been a successful art director in the advertising and graphic design community for the past 15 years.

William J. Rubin, MA/MBA, is Executive Editor of Nachshon Press LLC. Mr. Rubin conceived and is the chief architect of the graphic novel HOMELAND: The Illustrated History of the State of Israel.

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