Help Yitz Reach His Triathlon Goal in Memory of Rabbi Zev Zahavy to Help Victims of Terror

My son Yitz says, “This year I will dedicate my race to my grandfather Rabbi Dr. Zev Zahavy of blessed memory. He passed away on May 1 at the age of 93. He was a great swimmer, biker and runner; he was a triathlete before there were triathlons. He was a strong supporter of my efforts to raise awareness for victims of terror in Israel. Thank you Saba you will be missed.”

Yitz Tells What happened
On October 27, 2002 my platoon in the IDF was attacked by a hamas suicide bomber outside the city of Ariel. Three soldiers, Amihud Hasid, Tamir Masad and Matan Zagron, where killed saving my life and the lives of my fellow soldiers. The One Family Fund is helping their families cope with the difficulties of life without their loved ones.

Philadelphia Triathlon
On June 24th, to celebrate the lives of the three brave Israeli soldiers who saved my life, I will compete in the Philadelphia Triathlon. I will swim, bike and run to raise money for their families and for other families who lost their loved ones to acts of terror.


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