Haute Hot — Eye Candy for both Women and Men

Are you a Hot Channi looking for fashion ideas?  Keep in mind that you need to follow the tznius rules (at least in public), but that’s about it. You are hot. You know it. Hashem made you hot, Koko Fit Club helps keep your tushie from sagging, and you can’t help but flaunt it just a little bit.  Well there’s a new Facebook page just for you. It’s called Halachically Haute at https://www.facebook.com/halachically.haute Just “like” them and you’ll get to see hotties in titillating, sintilating, and tzniusdick fashion.

Halachically Haute is not a store, but an inspiration for fashion ideas that are technically OK based on textbook standards of tznius, but they are hot hot hot — sure to turn the heads at kiddush and at Sushi Metsuyan.

Check out the above sample photo from the page. Now that’s halachically haute. Notice that her elbows, knees, and collarbone are covered. Stockings are more than 40 denier thick, and this is the kind of look that is sure to get neighborhood steamy. That’s tznius with sex appeal. This is what halacha done right should look like.

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