Haredi Women Threaten not to Vote

The Shas and United Torah Judaism parties may have joined forces over the petition filed against them over the exclusion of women in their Knesset lists, but not everyone in the ultra-Orthodox public shares the opinion that Jewish religious laws ban women from serving as parliament members.

A group of haredi women believe a woman is allowed to “come out of the kitchen” and that the halachic excuse used by the parties is “misleading the public.”

On the other hand, an associate of late Orthodox Lithuanian leader Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv says the women’s claims are part of “an extremely dangerous religious revolution” taking place among the religious public ahead of the elections.

On a Facebook page titled “Not elected – not voting”, the group of women commented on the haredi parties’ response to the petition filed with the Central Election Committee, arguing that “there is no halachic prohibition against a woman serving as a Knesset member.”

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