Hama Bead Geometrics —Perfect Lazy Summer Day Craft!

We love hama/perler beads and I’m so happy to report that our love for them just doesn’t seem to be waning! And I have to admit, I just couldn’t resist myself, taking a seat at the table next to the air conditioner and making something myself, can you guess which one is mine? Right, I was able to satisfy my desire for black and white and neon pink with a little ethnic flair, all in that little hama bead square, top!

Hama beads are a great craft for developing small motor coordination, and even kids who haven’t quite developed their creative sides can get that satisfying feeling of making something, since even the simple ones look great!

Lately every time we make something from hama beads my daughter and I have the discussion of which side we like better, the melted side or the not melted side. We just can’t decide, so in the mean time we’ll just keep on making some more little masterpieces for our grand collection!

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