Guide to Nebach’s

I never really knew what Nebach’s were until I started getting into the age where who will be a Neb when they grow up starts becoming prevalent. Nebach’s go by multiple names, they go by Neb, Nebish, Nebby or plain old Nebach and although they are predominantly made up of unsuccessful older single mails who still live with their parents,  they don’t have to be such. I have met neb’s with fine jobs, who looked liked decent human beings, but had that unescapable nebishness to them. If Woody Allen was frum, he would be a good example of a Nebbishe guy.

Nebach’s tend to be older and single, we have established this. Even if you do get married, you’re not off the Nebach hook, there are plenty of married Nebs, frequently nebs marry other nebs and produce more nebs, but sometimes nebs are their own creation. Sometimes Nebs were cool in their youth, but they never left their youth and perpetuated their future Nebiness throughout their mid 20′s which should have been the most productive times of their lives. They could have done this by being stay at home jobless stoners, shana zayin guys who were bummed around in different yeshivas in Israel or dudes who were too self conscious to become men.


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