Great Voices of the Synagogue

A new re-issue of original and historical recordings featuring great cantors of the 20th century. A true testament to these masters of synagogue prayer. Includes: Yoselle Rosenblatt, Mordechi Hershman, Zavel Quarten, Pierre Pinchik, David Roitman, Gershon Sirota etc. 15 selections 70 minute extended play recording.

Content List :

  • Al Chet, L’dovid Mizmor, Ribono Shel Olam-Sfira
  • Av Horachamim, Morom Divishmayo, Sh’ma Kolenu
  • Elokenu…R’tse, Omar Rabi Elozor, Shomer Yisrael
  • Hallel B’rocho, R’tse, Shuvi Nafshi
  • Haven Yakir Li, R’tse Asirosom, Vharev No

Label: Tara

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