Grab your Groggers, Purim is Here and Megilla Reading is On!

Your kids have on their homemade astronaut and fairy princess costumes, the groggers have been located at the back of the tablecloths drawer, and you have sealed up your Mishlochai Manot so you stop pilfering the poppy seed hamentashens.

Now, the only question is, where do you go this Purim to hear the megilla reading?
What follows is a very partial, and somewhat arbitrary, list of synagogues in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that welcome visitors, speak some English, and generally promise a fun, loud, even hip holiday night out

Note that Jerusalem, in line with the tradition left over from those long gone days when it was a walled city, begins its celebrations a day later than the rest of the country, on Thursday evening. Tel Aviv, and anywhere else, gets going Wednesday night at sundown.


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