Eishes Chayil – Woman of Valor

Inspirational artwork surrounds selected verses from ‘Eishes Chayil – Woman of Valor’ Proverbs 31. On the right side is a representation of the verse: ‘Like the lily is among the thorns, So my wife is among young women’- On the left side is a representation of the verse: ‘Like the apple is among the trees of the forest, So my beloved is among young men.’- A white dove of peace appears in the design, bringing with her the blessing for ‘Shalom Bayt’ – Peaceful Home. The flowering tree motif is a positive affirmation of the couple’s life together and future happiness. Texts from Song of Songs :Chapter 2:2-3 (Hebrew) and selected verses from ‘Woman of Valor’ Proverbs 31 (English). Giclee print on paper. Framed. Signed and dated. (Frame not shown.) Size approximate.


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