Egged Bus Company Returns To Mea She’arim – With Police Aboard

Bus service was restored last week to Jerusalem’s Mea She’arim after a hiatus of nearly two years, in which there was no public transportation within the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. The Egged bus cooperative had halted service due to ongoing sabotage and violence by a group of religious extremists known as the Sicarii; they threw rocks and bottles at passing buses and punctured their tires.

A special police unit has been created to protect the buses and their passengers. Last Monday the new unit faced its first test, after someone threw a rock at a passing bus from inside a neighborhood synagogue. Eyewitnesses related that as soon as the rock was tossed, it became clear that some of the passengers were actually plainclothes officers.

“Suddenly three guys jumped off the bus and ran into the synagogue, after the suspect,” said a resident who was present but asked not to be identified.


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