Dressing up for Chanukah

Although no special garments are required for the celebration of Chanukah, many people dress festively for the candle lighting ceremony and the entire holiday.  Children, specifically, are often dressed in clothes inspired by Chanukah and are adorned with accessories that symbolize the holiday.

  • Wear clothes in Chanukah colors which are white and blue.
  • If you are to attend a formal affair, wear accessories with Jewish symbols that will accentuate your formal attire. Examples are pendants, bracelets and other jewelries of Jewish symbols. For men, wear ties with Jewish designs like menorah or the Star of David.
  • Make the holiday more fun-filled by wearing funny attires like funny Yiddish sayings and Menorah hats.
  • Dress children in clothes that have Jewish statement like shirts with dreidel designs. Jewish inspired clothing for kids are very popular that many shops sell them so you do not have to worry about finding them.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, try sewing a patch of Jewish symbol or handpainting your outfit. You can do this with friends as a fun way to celebrate Chanukah.
  • Never overdo your Chanukah attire unless you want to look ridiculous. If you are planning to wear a shirt with a menorah design printed on it, pair it with denims or your regular pants.

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