Doorway by Doorway, Rabbi Seeks Jews

Montana’s small Jewish population is scattered across a huge US state that has more rodeos than rabbis, but one man is logging thousands of miles to seek out the faithful one doorway at a time.

Rabbi Chaim Bruk has set his sights on making sure each Jewish home in the state has a mezuzah at its entrance – and that those already hanging are kosher.

Montana’s only orthodox rabbi sees the project as a way of connecting Jews to their traditions. He says the mezuzot – small parchments of handwritten biblical verses, rolled into cases and fastened to door frames – are a reminder that God is the ultimate home protection in a state where many people believe that such security begins and ends with a gun.

“I’m young. I’m 31. I got a long life ahead of me – God willing – and I hope to get every house,” he said.


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