DNAinfo.com Exposes Worst Scandal of the Brooklyn Yeshivas – Lack of Education for Boys

They tell us who they are, “DNAinfo.com is New York’s leading hyper-local news source, covering New York City’s neighborhoods. We deliver up-to-the-minute reports on entertainment, education, politics, crime, sports, and dining. Our award-winning journalists find the stories — big or small — that matter most to New Yorkers.”

And in a series of reports by Sonja Sharp they expose the biggest scandal of all at Brooklyn’s Yeshivas:

  1. English is Absent and Math Doesn’t Count at Brooklyn’s Biggest Yeshivas
  2. Barred From Talmud Studies, Girls Get English and Math at Brooklyn Yeshivas
Sonja quotes our friend Zalman Alpert,

In Orthodox Judaism, men are religiously required to study the Torah, and only they are believed to have the intellectual and spiritual capacity to parse the Talmud. Put simply, Jewish boys are too important to be bothered with frivolous concepts like geometry and grammar, experts on the communities said.

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