Did Pope Benedict XVI preach that Hell is real and only he can save you from it?

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To us it seemed at the time in 2007 that the Australian reported that Pope Benedict XVI insisted in an address in Rome that hell is real and only he and the Catholic Church can save you from it.

In the debate that ensued in our blog comments, we stood fast against an onslaught of arguments.

We are willing to admit our error if someone can show us where we missed the point. But be logical and Talmudic. Why would the Pope and the Catholic Church ever tolerate a narrative that says hell is real, that sinners go there but that Judaism can save them from it?

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  • Nishar Joseph16

    Hell and heaven is in our heart and mind only when our heart and mind is full of tricks and bad things than we are in hell & when heart and mind is free from these it is heaven for us.

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