‘Cultural Jews’ Define Themselves on Their Own Terms

An Ipsos Internet poll of 1,000 American Jews reveals that one in six are purposefully looking for a way to express themselves Jewishly and engage with their Jewish identity outside of affiliation with a synagogue.

The study, released by the Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring, debunks the myth that American Jews either identify culturally or religiously as Jews, that it is an either/or proposition.

Those polled often identified themselves as “spiritual” or “cultural”, however many stated that they believed in God and continued to pray but were becoming disinterested in associating with a synagogue.

As much as 40% of those who took the survey were under 35 years old with 56% of respondents saying they held a deep attachment to Israel, which according to the Workmen’s Circle is bigger than “any other non-Orthodox group”.

In past studies conducted by the Workmen’s Circle, Jews who had previously defined themselves as “cultural Jews” were more passive about their approach to Jewish life.

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