Con artist betrayed his faith and friends

The federal prosecutor read the details of the crime as defendant Joshua Gould stood nearby in a gray suit, agreeing to just about everything he was accused of.

Yes, he and colleagues squandered about $1.5 million from a retired couple. Yes, Gould, 32, stole an additional $3.5 million from two dozen brokerage clients, many of whom he knew through his father-in-law’s insurance firm, while others were beneficiaries of his own family’s trust fund that he controlled.

And yes, with his young wife in the courtroom, Gould agreed that he used part of the proceeds from scams to invest in The Sports Nook, True Hockey and Free Poker Express, businesses that he started, while also spending it on ‘substantial” personal expenses at strip clubs across the river, where he said he entertained clients.


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