Charedi Bus segregation is a chillul Hashem

The following article is not a joke, it was actually published in all seriousness…

Amidst all the controversy pertaining to mehadrin bus lines at the moment in Israel, sparked in part by a woman who instigated the issue when she intentionally boarded a mehadrin bus in Ashod, YWN Isreal is pleased to present the following Kiddush Hashem that was sent to us today with a video attached:

“I was riding from Ramot to Yerushalayim proper at the front of mehadrin bus number 40 when the bus stopped by the new Ramot Mall. Due to the time of day, the bus was pretty full, so when a non-charedi woman boarded the bus she stood near the driver. I flinched, half expecting someone to tell her to go to the back of the bus. Yet, Baruch Hashem, two gentlemen, as she called them (and yes, one can have a beard and long payos and still be a gentleman), gave up their seats on the front row of the bus. Many on the bus, driver included, were shocked at the kiddush Hashem, which prompted me to video her and ask her to tell the story in her own words.


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