Chabad Spends NIS 1.5M on Hanukkah

Take a moment to lean back and remember whether one of the sufganiyot you ate during Hanukkah was served to you by a smiling Chabadnik. If you indeed recall such a situation, you must be one of the 384,615 Israeli citizens for whom Chabad’s youth organization bought the holiday treat for the wholesale price of NIS 1.3 ($0.34) per unit.

A simple calculation reveals that the Hasidic movement’s doughnut budget this year reached NIS 500,000 (about $132,000)!

A summation of the budget allotted for “Operation Hanukkah 2012,” led by Chabad’s operational wing in Israel, reveals that the recent Festival of Light cost the organization a total NIS 1.5 million ($400,000).

Apart from the sufganiyot, which make up about one-third of that amount, the large menorahs placed by the youth organization in Israel’s city centers were quite a big expense as well.


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