Brooklyn’s ‘Crazy Chicken Lady’ and the 20-year Fight Against the Kapparot Ritual

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1728483385For years, Rina Deych was treated like she was crazy.

Fighting the Yom Kippur ritual of kapparot, she was told things had always been this way and if she kept up the battle, she would only incite anti-Semitism.

Year after year, people would kindly suggest she find another hobby. Cats, maybe.

But today, the Brooklyn nurse and animal rights activist believes the tide is finally turning.

“I’m not an optimist by nature,” Deych told JTA. “But I believe that I will live to see the day when chickens are no longer used for kapparot.”

Animal rights groups long have protested kapparot, an ancient ritual in which a chicken is swung over the head and then slaughtered in a symbolic transference of a person’s sins in advance of the Jewish Day of Atonement. The protests had little effect.


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