Bircas Hachamah – New Expanded Edition

Rabbi J. David Bleich

Publisher: Artscroll

Every twenty-eight years, for a few hours on a Wednesday morning in April, throngs of Jews fill streets, sidewalks, rooftops, and parks for one of the most infrequent rituals in Judaism. It marks the return of the sun to the exact place it occupied on the fourth day of Creation on the same day and at the same hour that the sun began to shine in the primordial heavens.

The Bircas haChammah ritual bears testimony to our faith that there is a Creator — a constant Creator Who preserves and renews His universe — and that there is a scheme and purpose to His creation.

“Raise your eyes on high and see Who created these,” declares the Prophet Isaiah. Satellites and telescopes constantly reveal that the cosmos is greater and more complex than we could possibly imagine and make us marvel all the more at the greatness of the One Who brought it into existence. The Blessing of the Sun reminds us anew not only of what happened “In the beginning . . . ” but also calls upon us to ponder our duty to fashion our lives and our planet to bring the purpose of Creation to fruition.

Unlike the monthly cycle of the moon, which is obvious, the 28-year cycle of the sun is not at all noticeable to the naked eye. How is it calculated? Was it known to the ancients? How do Jews reconcile the solar and lunar calendars? What are the appropriate prayers for this rare event, and what do they mean? What is the hashkafic/philosophical background and message of the observance? Why are there discrepancies in the astronomical calculations of the sages of the Talmud?

This comprehensive book answers these questions. It includes the complete prayer service for Bircas haChammah, with translation and commentary. It explains the astronomical calculations and illuminates the Talmudic background.

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