Beis Shmuel Mini Minyaners Awarded

On Tuesday evening the Bais Shmuel-Chabad Mini Minyan, attended by well over 40 children, celebrated the end of the year with the program’s biggest annual event – the pizza party awards dinner, which celebrated the tremendous effort and achievement of the boys who participated in the program throughout the year.

The event was also the culmination of the Mivtza to prepare for Gimmel Tammuz. The Mivtza began shortly after Pesach, with a checklist for the boys to fill out every day, with items including learning Chitas, Hayom yom, Sefer HaMitzvos, and reading a Chassidishe Story every night before going to sleep, among other things. The boys were rewarded for their tremendous efforts with an amazing pizza party with fries, ice cream and nosh galore. There was an exciting story, games and a grand raffle, with some of the prizes being pizza coupons, Flip video cameras, and an iPad.

Before everyone had to say goodbye and go their separate ways came the big moment everyone had been waiting for: The boys that went above and beyond in their efforts were presented with beautiful leather-bound Hayom Yoms with their names engraved on the cover.


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