Artscroll Chumash Rashi Vayikra

by Rabbi Yisrael Isser Z Herczeg
Part of the ‘Artscroll Chumash & Rashi’ series.

  • Chumash text, translated according to Rashi
  • The full and accurate text of Rashi and Onkelos
  • The literal translation of Rashi, highlighted and interwoven with explanatory words and phrases to ease and clarify the flow of Rashi’s text
  • Notes on Rashi, including questions, answers, sources, and elucidations .
  • Written by an expert on Rashi, in collaboration with a group of outstanding scholars .
  • 7×10′ page size in regular edition, 6×8.25′ in student edition.
  • Reinforced binding – for teachers, students, parents or anyone seeking a clear and thorough knowledge of Chumash-Rashi.

(557 Pages)

Publisher: Artscroll, 1994

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