Arizona Jews Up in Arms over Horse Named ‘Pogrom’

The name of a Polish champion horse that surfaced in coverage of the Scottsdale, Arizona Arabian Horse Show has caused a dustup because his moniker is associated with attacks on Jewish people.

Pogrom, a 3-year-old colt on lease from the Polish government to Scottsdale’s Midwest Training Centre and Sloan Arabians, is an offensive name to those who associate it with anti-Jewish mob attacks.

Scottsdale resident Nettie Sacks, 79, read that Pogrom was an up-and-comer and already a Polish champion in a recent Scottsdale Republic article. The word was like a lightning strike.

“To me, the word means when the Polish peasants formed a group and they called it a pogrom and they went to all the little villages to find the Jews and kill them all,” Sacks said.

Her grandfather’s family, including her mother, then a teenager, left Poland in 1916 for America after a pogrom.


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