Are Internet & Other Bans Hurting Or Helping?

The majority of the chareidi tzibur, perhaps with the exception of Chabad, has labeled the Internet taboo along will cellular telephones and other gadgetry. Talmidim are also prohibited from carrying MP4 players because they can be used for movies, and in some cases, electronic devices with audio capability only are also banned.

Rabbi Asher Schapiro, the son of the Naroler Rebbe Shlita Feels that some of the bans may actually be counterproductive. “The ban on the internet and cellular telephones, as well as the prohibition against chareidi performers from appearing in live events are contributing to a decline in the overall status of the young” he is quoted by Chadrei Chareidim as saying. Rav Schapiro is known as a senior ‘mechanech’, a respected educator with a wealth of experience.


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