A Visit To The Jerusalem Zoo!

At long last we were able to visit the Jerusalem Zoo on our “goodbye to summer” overnighter in Jerusalem. I know many of you enjoy seeing photos of our adventures around Israel, so I thought I’d share the zoo with you too, as it’s really quite special. My children refer to the zoo as “Tanachi” namely Biblical Zoo, as it was the zoo’s original intention to focus on animals from the Tanach, when it first opened in another location many years ago. That concept however became too limiting, and so the zoo evolved into an institution for preservation of endangered species, a noble endeavor indeed!

Interestingly enough, many of the endangered species that the zoo serves to protect are mentioned in the Bible and are sadly now extinct in Israel, such as the Asian Lion, the Syrian Brown Bear, the cheetah, the Nile crocodile and the Persian fallow dear.

The zoo is located in a beautiful hilly neighborhood on the edge of Jerusalem, and so there are many gorgeous views to enjoy while meandering along the paths within the zoo.

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