A Place in the Tent: Intermarriage and Conservative Judaism

Written by a consortium of Conservative rabbis, This document argues for the need to finde a meaningful place in contemporary Conservative Jewish institutions for intermarried households.}}A Place in the Tent combines a thoughtful respect for halachic }principles with a realistic consideration of social/demographic realities. The range of rabbinic views, along with the collection of personal stories, have enriched my understanding and pushed my thinking about a Conservative approach to intermarriage. Kol hakavod!}}-Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner}Jewish Theological Seminary}}I welcome with deep appreciation the courage, thougthfulness and originality of this study which faces candidly one of the major issues confronting the Jewish community in the twenty-first century. The spiritual and moral character of our congregations will be deeply affected by the compassion and ethical response found in this document.}}-Rabbi Harold Schulweis }Valley Beth Shalom }Encino, California }}. . . offers revealing insights into the households of the intermarried and provides creative and sensitive ideas for integrating them into our synagogue communities. This approach embraces the entire family, encourages Jewish continuity, does not alienate the non-Jewish partner, and is mindful of halachah.}}-Judy Yudof }International President }The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

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