A Couple Who Could Use a Ketubah

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I find ketubahs to be pretty non-romantic. They’re basically glorified prenuptial agreements, so it seems weird to paint flowers all over them and display them in your bedroom. But for some people, pre-nuptial agreements seem completely appropriate, and so for those people, I’m totally pro-ketubah. And by some-people, I mean Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A British-born Israeli artist has apparently made them a ketubah, and while normally I would consider that shlocky and dumb, in this case it seems right on the nose. If ever there was a marriage that should come with a pre-nup, it’s this one (sorry, but those royals don’t have the best track record).

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  • Skip

    Of course, everyone’s entitle to their opinions, but have you looked at many, or any, of the Ketubah web sites recently, and in particular, the texts they offer for their Ketubah designs? Some are, in my opinion, very romantic. And I suppose these would be texts for those ordering a Ketubah with text for mostly Reform based ceremonies. (our rabbi’s wife calls them ‘love poems’:-))
    See some of the texts on our web site, http://www.glassketubah.com , for examples. Many ketubah artists, if not most, put as much time into composing the text as they do into the design and also are as protective of their texts as the are of their designs. I was going to point you to another site that has beautiful texts but it’s no longer in service as the artist licensed her images to another company.

    As for sending a Ketubah to the new ‘Royal Couple’…great marketing. Kind of reminds me of the old story about artists sending one of their paintings to any famous art museum, for free, just to say that a piece of their art is in the museums collection:-)

    One more thing….I’m looking at the banner ad on this page…for another Ketubah site. Ketubah seems to be spelled incorrectly….(it’s shown as katubah…)


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