A Bridge to Heaven

A collection of Classic Kabbalistic Commentaries on the Torah
by Rabbi Yosef Gabay

A collection of classic Kabbalistic commentaries on the Torah, including: Maor Vashemesh, Ohr Hachaim, Kli Yakar, The Zohar, and more. This book presents the reader with a wealth of Torah insights and deep kabbalistic concepts. Rabbi Gabay gives clarity to seemingly abstract kabbalistic concepts and illustrates how the study of these texts are relevant to our lives. The selection of commentaries he has chosen is in itself a treasure trove. it is a work of genuine scholarship — guiding us through the entire Chumash and bringing to life the piercing logic of the Torah in order to expand our spiritual horizons and bring us closer to G-d. His breadth of knowledge, coupled with his talent to translate the works of some of our greatest Torah luminaries, makes these profound ideas clear, accessible, and as relevant today as when they were first written.(413 Pages)

Publisher: Targum/Feldheim, 2004

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