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8th Day – Tracht Gut

8th Day’s debut album ‘Tracht Gut’ has a fresh sound and an irresistible style. The brothers compose, play, and sing their own original music with engaging lyrics and addictive hooks. Diverse styles are brought together in a seamless blend of folk, rock, soul and blues. Enjoy the unstudied perfection of sibling vocal harmonies. The Marcus brothers have composed a new chapter in Jewish Music.

‘There was once a king who made a seven-day banquet for all his subjects, but asked his closest friends to stay a little longer and make an eighth day. Our Sages apply this image to explain the difference between the seven days of Sukkot and the concluding festival, called Shemini Atzeret, the ‘eighth day.’

Jewish mysticism says that the number 7 alludes to nature and the number 8 alludes to above nature. Nowadays its still us and them, but on the 8th day itll be just you and me, and when the sun wont set, youll know its my eighth day, and when your songs wont end, youll know its my eighth day.’

Label: Terrace Records

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