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The Real Complete Jewish PartyVolume 2 – 36 Great Songs
by David & the High Spirit

Collection of 36 Great songs. Horas, Hasidic, Mezinka, Swing, Folk, Limbo and more.

Label: World Wide SuccessTrack Listing
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1. To Life Listen to this track from
2. Dayenu
3. Yismehu
4. Katyusha
5. Od Yishama
6. Kaytzad Merakdim
7. Yerushalaim
8. Od Avinu Chai Listen to this track from
9. od Lo Ahalnu
10. Artza Almu
11. Veshuv Eithem
12. Mezinka
13. Bei Mir
14. When the Rabbi
15. Rabbi Elimelach
16. Haroah Haktana
17. Hora Medura
18. Shibolet Basade
19. Al Kanfei
20. Od Lo Ahavti Day Listen to this track from
21. Tzadik Katamar
22. Pop Corn Listen to this track from
23. Limbo Rock
24. St Thomas
25. La Paloma
26. Koldodi
27. Haben Yakir Li Listen to this track from
28. Rona Sheli
29. Tzur Mishelo- A Ladino Song
30. La Ner
31. Eim Yinhalu
32. Im Ninalu
33. Deror Yikra
34. Havdalah Blessings
35. Shavua Tov
36. Eliahu Hanavi
37. Shavua Tov

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