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Shomer negiah tefillin date

I met the girl on frumster and after several conversations we agreed to meet. This was going to be another run of the mill date. I would pick her up in the Heights and we would try and check each other out in the dark car while making awkward conversation about driving [...]

June 4 2010 | Posted in Jewish Blogs | Read More »

How did keeping shomer negiah become a choice?

How did it happen that keeping the laws of shomer negiah became that one thing that many frum people like to brag about picking and choosing. Frum people don’t brag about eating treife, breaking shabbos or torturing their pets, yet when it comes to touching the opposite sex it has become [...]

May 26 2010 | Posted in Jewish Blogs | Read More »

Dear Heshy: what do you think about non-kosher gum, shomer negiah and body piercings?

Hi, my name is Wished to remain anonymous. I am a big (not as in size) fan of your Frum Satire blog. I first stumbled on it about a year ago when a friend showed me your posts on “Shomer Negiah categories“, and have been reading it daily ever since. Your blog [...]

May 17 2010 | Posted in Jewish Blogs | Read More »