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Justin Bieber Says the Shema & Other Jewish Customs Adopted by Non-Jews

It’s no secret that certain Jewish rituals have become mainstream. In her new book, “Kosher Nation,” Sue Fishkoff explains that kosher food isn’t only for Jewish people anymore. “More than 11.2 million Americans regularly buy kosher food, 13 percent of the adult consumer population,” she writes. “These are people who [...]

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The Jewish Bris Ceremony

The Jewish Bris Ceremony

The Jewish religion is known for being unique. Every holiday is full of meaningful traditions that make every celebration special. Every life event is honored and celebrated in Judaism such as birth, adulthood, marriage and death. The bris is an important Jewish celebration because it is the very first life event celebrated in a Jewish [...]

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Inside Judaism: The Concepts, Customs, And Celebrations of the Jewish People

Alfred J. Kolatch
Publisher: Jonathan David
In Judaism, practice and ideology are inextricably linked. While it is often difficult to draw strict lines between custom and law, taken together they unite individual Jews within a community as well as Jewish communities around the world. They also serve to give Judaism its continued relevance and enduring strength.
In Inside [...]

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