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Women front and center at this celebration of Jewish American Heritage

Women front and center at this celebration of Jewish American Heritage

Jewish women were definitely front and center at the first ever White House reception marking Jewish American Heritage month.  Appropriately so, since it was a woman – Representative Deborah Wasserman Schultz – who spearheaded the Congressional campaign to establish Jewish American Heritage month. It was another woman – Marcia  Zerivitz, who [...]

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Tichel Cuties: another Jewish Lady Gaga attempt

Tichel Cuties: another Jewish Lady Gaga attempt

I have never actually seen a Lady Gaga video, but I saw the Glee episode about it. It seems that all I know about the whole Gaga craze is from the Jewish Lady Gaga videos that have been popping up on Youtube. Below is the latest attempt; within 2 days they have received nearly [...]

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The World’s ‘Most Influential’ Jewish Women

In honor of Shavuot, the Jerusalem Post printed a special supplement on “The Fifty Most Influential Jews in the World” — and there are only seven women in the list.
A woman doesn’t even make an appearance until number 10 — US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Bizarrely, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader [...]

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Kosher Wine 101: How to Choose Kosher Wine

Kosher wine is a kind of wine produced according to strict rabbinical supervision. Generally known for its sweet taste, Kosher wine nowadays is offered in different variations (dry wines, dessert wines, and brandies). For a wine to be kosher, one has to consider  strict regulations based on Jewish dietary laws.

When choosing Kosher wine, check for the [...]

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Taking the “Rihanna” approach to Jewish Orthodox sexuality

I was a little surprised to see how much frank talk about sex was featured in The Sisterhood this week. As a teenager, I am used to people around me talking about sex a lot-in real life, in movies, in songs, in basically every medium except in Jewish blogs. But that is [...]

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Jewish feminism, then and now

Yesterday I celebrated Mother’s Day in an unusual way. Instead of the traditional “early bird” dinner with my extended family, I traveled to New York City for a reunion of Jewish feminist matriarchs: the founders of Ezrat Nashim. I was invited to this gathering as a daughter of the movement to [...]

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A Jewish Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t a specifically Jewish holiday — or, to put it more bluntly, the goyim celebrate it, too — although that fact may come as a surprise to many Jews, for whom dealings with our parents are a fundamental part of everyday life, of relationships with other people…and, of course, [...]

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Thinking Jewishly

A few years back, I spent two or three hours in the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle. It wasn’t enough. The story told there cannot help fill one with awe.
The fantasy of human flight goes back to the Greeks; Leonardo Da Vinci studied the flight of birds intensely and drafted plans [...]

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If I Were a Jewish Boy

This week my friend and I were discussing the pros and cons of being a guy vs being a lady. You’ve probably had this debate at some point (or several points) in your life. I think it’s fairly clear that men generally have it easier, but not necessarily better. I mean, hi, [...]

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U.S. Jewish magazine honors Goldstone for ‘upholding Jewish values’

The U.S.-based Jewish progressive magazine Tikkun has opted to give its annual prize to Judge Richard Goldstone for upholding what the publication called the “best ethical” Jewish values.
Goldstone was the author of a damning United Nations report which accused Israel of committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip during its three-week [...]

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What Are Some of the Biggest Problems Facing the Jewish Community?

What Are some of the biggest problems facing the Jewish community (both frum and non-frum)?
Lack of Unity?
Lack of Jewish Knowledge?
Lack of connection to Hashem?
Islamic Fundamentalism?
Read More: @ beyondbt.com

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Frum Jewish Porn Titles

I know many of you think that frum and porn in the same sentence are impossible, but hear me out. It’s only natural for people to enjoy pornographic videos of their own kind. I am not condoning porn, it’s assur and I would never encourage anyone to watch porn. I have never [...]

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World Jewish leader to Obama: Is U.S. committed to Israel’s security?

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder has publicly questioned United States President Barack Obama’s commitment to Israel’s security, in a letter he reportedly drafted with the approval of his close friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“Our great country and the tiny State of Israel have long shared the core values of freedom [...]

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Boca Raton, FL - Jewish State Senator Wins House Race In Special Election

Boca Raton, FL - A Democratic state senator on Tuesday handily won the first U.S. House race since Congress passed President Barack Obama’s massive health care overhaul.
With 51% of precincts reporting, The Associated Press called the race for Democrat Ted Deutch, who had 61% of the vote compared to 36% for [...]

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You’re Not Jewish. Deal With It.

When I lived in Ireland and I would tell people I was Jewish they invariably got all excited and were like, “The Irish are the Jews of Europe,” which presumably was them trying to say, “Hey, we Irish people identify with the way the world has been pooping all over the Jews [...]

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Stuff Jewish People Like

So I was under the influence last Saturday night when I had an epiphany, I’ve never had an “under the influence” related epiphany, mostly because I rarely become under any influence, besides that of a very good speaker. So I’m hanging with my Mexican Jew friend and we are talking about [...]

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Jewish faith keeps them ’solid’ while incarcerated

Jewish faith keeps them ’solid’ while incarcerated

LAKE CITY — The hardened men drifted through a misty rain into a small room, where they exchanged a common pleasantry.
“Boker tov.”
The Hebrew phrase for ‘good morning’ — pronounced boh-kehr tohv  — is not something the killers, drug dealers and thieves commonly use around the tough cell blocks of Columbia Correctional Institution.
Read [...]

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Jewish Activity Book

Manufacturer: Alma’s Designs
Delightful activities all designed to introduce children to customs and symbols of Jewish religion and culture.

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For the Person with Everything - Mini Sefer Torah

For the discriminating Judaica collector, who is looking for that special item . . a brand new Sefer Torah scroll - for use in a private airplane, yacht, office, or a perfect addition to that rare Judaica ritual collection. Just completed by a well known scribe in Israel. Sterling silver atzei chaim; the Torah scroll [...]

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Inlaid Semi-precious Stones Rimonim & Breastplate

The Rimonim are hexagonal inlaid with 6 stones each. The breastplate has twelve stones, representing the priestly breastplate.
Height: Breastplate - 25cm Rimonim - 30cm
Prices can vary according to fluctuating silver market prices. You will be contacted before we charge your credit card.

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Torah Mantle

No Item Description mentioned.

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Bar Mitzvah Blessing - Twelve Tribes

Mickie Caspi
Framed Size: 18″ x 18″
Traditional Jewish symbols honor a boy’s attainment of responsibility. Blessings celebrate his acceptance of new responsibility within the Jewish community and his own family.
Available with Mahogany Frame and Royal Blue Mat.

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Like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah

Marci Wiesel
22.8 x 30.5 cm / 9 x 12″
Suitable for American standard size frame (not included)
“K’Sara, Rivka, Rachel, V’Leah” (Lasercut)
This piece was designed with every young Jewish girl in mind. The words ask that G-d bless her to be like the four Biblical matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.
Translation: “May the Lord bless you to [...]

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Generation to Generation (Dor L’Dor)

Mordechai Rosenstein
An exquisite gift for children to parents or vice versa. The Hebrew words Dor L’ Dor signifies how the passing of Jewish traditions and teachings from one generation to another has kept us going.
Calligraphy is the art of fine script. Mordechai Rosenstein has breathed new life and meaning into this ancient art form. It [...]

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All About Judaism

Three great Jewish reference works on one CD-ROM.
A concise, one-volume masterpiece, the Encyclopedia of Judaism features over 1000 illuminating articles covering a vast spectrum of topics, ranging from biographical entries on the heroic rabbis of Jewish history, to the customs and traditions of Jewish communities the world over.
The Jewish Primer - Written for all who [...]

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It’s Jewish Holiday Time

Zim, Paul
Celebrate the Jewish holidays throughout the year with song. Over 25 songs including: Dip Your Apple Into Honey, The Lulav Shake, The Maccabee March, Tu Tu Tu Bishvat, I Love the Day of Purim, Baby Moses & more!
Available in Compact Disc

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Discovering Jewish Music Book & CD

Marsha Bryan Edelman
Publisher: JPS
Jewish music from the Bible to the present, with musical illustrations and an audio CD
Most of us have experienced “Jewish music,” whether it’s through synagogue attendance, a Bar Mitzvah celebration, a klezmer concert, or the playing of “Hava Nagila” at a baseball game.
The many different kinds of Jewish music are reflected by [...]

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Celebrate Jewish Love Songs

Various Artists
A collection of traditional and contemporary songs that will stir your romantic passions and capture your imagination.

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Yehuda! Generations of Song

No Item Description Avaliable.

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DVDShas - MP3 Audio (6 DVDs)

Publisher: Judaica Press
In English -
The Dial-a-Daf shiur of the complete shas in MP3 audio!
This phenomenal 6 DVD set contains all the audio shiurim (classes) from the world-famous Dial-a-Daf series. These are the same shiurim found on the CD-Daf and DVDaf programs, but this set includes only the audio files, in the easy-to-use MP3 format.
Win/Mac | [...]

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