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No school for 180 Sephardic girls

The 2011-2012 school year will open in four months, but it seems racial discrimination is already raising its ugly head: Ynet has learned that nearly 200 haredi girls in Jerusalem have yet to be admitted into educational institutions in the city, although registration has already ended. The students, most of them of Sephardic descent, make […]

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Makeup makes girls look like idiots at their own weddings

Usually the girl looks pretty hot at her wedding, I’ve noticed that no matter how ugly she is in real life, on her wedding day she magically looks gorgeous – radiant may be the right word, the only problem is the makeup, especially the trend in frum circles to go for the Gothic eye shadow. […]

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If the girl’s ugly, just pretend you’re the deliveryman

My buddy has a problem — he tends to get set up with ugly girls. This problem is multiplied by the fact that he lives in the middle of nowhere and has to fly 4 hours into New York City for what he calls Shidduch Marathons. During these marathons, he frequently goes to girls houses […]

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