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Aleph Isn’t Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults (Book 1)

Aleph Isn't Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults (Book 1)

Linda Motzkin, Hara Person (editor)

Publisher: UAHC Press

This new Hebrew book for adult learners is ground breaking in its structure and as an effective educational tool. This superb new text was created by Rabbi Linda Motzkin in consultation with key figures in the field of Hebrew education. Piloted in a sample of Reform congregations throughout the country, the book is the first step in a program of Hebrew learning for adults. Drawing upon the particular …

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Seif Edition Transliterated Tehillim / Psalms

Seif Edition Transliterated Tehillim / Psalms

Publisher: Artscroll

“ASHRAY.” If you can read this, you can pray in Hebrew.

For thousands of years, Jews have been reciting Tehillim (Psalms). The majestic words of King David punctuate liturgy and prayers. In times of joy, Jews express their gladness and thanks to the Almighty through its soaring prose; in times of distress, they pour out their hearts to Him in earnest entreaty and petition through its powerful words. Across the world, groups gather regularly …

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Book of Psalms in Plain English

Aaron Lichtenstein

Publisher: Urim Publications

In the Book of Psalms in Plain English, you will find the Book of Psalms itself, its ideas and emotions. The English rendition is in verse, just as the Hebrew original is in poetry – in the various poetic modes required by the varied moods and messages.

Read and be moved by the inspiring words of Psalms, translated into clear and readable English by a scholar of Judaism and professor of English. …

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Tehillim with Rashi’s Commentary - 2 Volume Set

Tehillim with Rashi's Commentary - 2 Volume Set

Learn Tehillim Like Never Before–A Breakthrough Work For Every Home.

It’s only a very special handful of books that Feldheim includes in its Torah Classics Library, and this newest addition is most deserving of the impressive classification. Tehillim, psalms, are recited by us all, yet how often do we crave deeper meaning in the timeless words? In this ground-breaking work, Rashi’s commentary, …

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Hebrew for Dummies (Book & CD)

… With this guide, you can return to your roots or create new ones

Want to discover how to speak Hebrew? This easy-to-understand guide explains basic grammar and usage, covering everything from the alphabet and numbers to making small talk, planning a trip, and changing money. You’ll also discover the basics of Hebrew blessings and prayer, as well as the significance of the holy days.

All this on the Audio CD:

– Pick up Hebrew the easy way –through actual conversations

– …

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New Book: Rabbi Soloveitchik in the New World

New Book: Rabbi Soloveitchik in the New World

The Van Leer Institute and Magnes Press have published a new academic book on Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s impact on Judaism.

The exciting new (Hebrew) book is based on a conference that was held in Jerusalem several years ago.

Rabbi in the New World  The Influence of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik on Culture, Education and Jewish Thought Edited By …

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Thrilling Hebrew Tales! On Jewish Vampires, Golems, Tzaddiks, and HebrewPunk

… An Occupation of Angels is available this week. He will be blogging all week for the Jewish Book Council and My Jewish Learning’s Author Blog.

I’ve got a feeling that, in years from now, with many novels, novellas, and collections all out (I’ll have 3 novels out just next year, if it’s an indication), when oil becomes scarce and there’ll be a Chinese colony on the moon, I’ll still be that Hebrew Punk guy.

Read More: @ myjewishlearning.com

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People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks

Publisher: Penguin

nspired by a true story, People of the Book is a novel of sweeping historical grandeur and intimate emotional intensity by an acclaimed and beloved author. Called “a tour de force”by the San Francisco Chronicle, this ambitious, electrifying work traces the harrowing journey of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, a beautifully illuminated Hebrew manuscript created in fifteenth-century S pain. When it falls to Hanna Heath, an Australian …

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The Book of Esther

Tamar Messer

Publisher: Tamar Messer Ltd.

The book of Esther contains twenty magnificent illustrations that tell the story of Purim. The illustration’s proportion is stretched in order to hint and demonstrate a structure of a scroll. This elegant edition is printed on artistic paper in Hebrew and English, available in two different cover colors – red and blue.

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The Hebrew Letters: Channels of Creative Consciousness

Publisher: Gal Einai Institute

The Sefer Yetzirah teaches that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building-blocks of creation and that each letter’s name, form, and numerical value embodies a unique significance in the creative process. The Ba’al Shem Tov further teaches that each letter and each of its three aspects exists in the dimensions of “Worlds” (the physical), “Souls” (the spiritual), and “Divinity” (the G-dly). This book is a systematic …

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The Book of Words: Talking Spiritual Life, Living Spiritual Talk

… Lawrence Kushner

Publisher: Jewish Lights

In the incomparable manner of his extraordinary The Book of Letters: A Mystical Hebrew Alphabet, Kushner now lifts up and shakes the dust off primary religious words we use to describe the spiritual dimension of life. The Words take on renewed spiritual significance, adding power and focus to the lives we live every day.

For each word Kushner offers us a startling, moving and insightful explication, and pointed readings from classical Jewish …

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Colloquial Hebrew

Colloquial Hebrew

Tamar Wang, Zippi Lyttleton

Publisher: Routledge Press

Colloquial Hebrew aims to teach Hebrew as it is spoken and written today, giving you a level of competence to be able to travel around and engage in conversation on a range of topics as well as being able to read signs, menus, posters and other basic written texts. Each unit contains dialogues of everyday encounters and situations which can be performed in the exercises which follow. The Hebrew alphabet is …

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The Santa Cruz Haggadah: Kids Passover Fun Book

Publisher: Hineni Consciousness Pr

This fun book is for people who are ‘kids’ or who want to honor the part of themselves that is still a kid. It has all sorts of games, puzzles, fill-ins, a maze, word games and tons of cartoons from The Santa Cruz Haggadah to color – and all relate to Passover.

Because many traditional haggadot are translated directly from the Hebrew, they do not include the complete story of Passover. The story …

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s Haggadah: Hebrew And English Text With New Essays And Commentary

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks's Haggadah: Hebrew And English Text With New Essays And Commentary

… This Haggadah is actually two books in one. At what would be the back of an English-language book is the Haggdah in large, beautiful Hebrew typography, with an English translation adapted and with a running commentary by Rabbi Sacks. The Hebrew text and accompanying English translation are carefully arranged so as to be easy to use at the seder table. As such, this book is an ideal companion for use at the Passover meal. At the other end of the book are Rabbi Sacks’s Essays on …

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Listen to Her Voice: Women of the Hebrew Bible

… have long been obscured. In this sumptuously illustrated retelling of the lives of 18 women in the Hebrew Bible, we are reunited with Deborah, the warrior prophetess, Tamar, the sacred prostitute, Esther, the harem girl turned savior queen, and many other remarkable female figures. Author Miki Raver pairs each of these vibrant and daring tales with an eloquent meditation on their meaning for modern women. Beautiful reproductions of classic biblical art from such masters as Rubens, Blake, …

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Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible

… basis for our sense of morality. It not only provides a complete education in all the books of the Hebrew Bible but it conveys their psychological and emotional truths as well.

The Hebrew Bible has played an important role in American society as Judaism’s primary text and as Christianity’s Old Testament. Today, however, fewer people are as well versed in scripture, so the author, a lecturer and rabbi of Los Angeles’s Synagogue for the Performing Arts, has written this readable …

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hebrew Scripture

… known as the Tanakh, comprise three parts—the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings. This book reveals the Bible according to the Jewish faith— from Adam and Eve and Joseph the Dreamer in the Book of Genesis; to Moses’s receipt of the Ten Commandments in the Book of Deuteronomy; to the Books of Psalms and Proverbs, the Song of Songs, and the stories of Ruth and Esther.

• This is a great introduction for both Christians and Jews who are curious about the differences between …

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The Five Scrolls: The Song of Songs, The Book of Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, The Book of Esther

John F. Thornton (editor)

Publisher: Vintage Books

The five books of the Hebrew Bible known–collectively as the Five Scrolls–are among the most universally revered books of the Old Testament and are considered “wells of living water” from which flow the intense spirituality of deep Jewish piety.

Here, published together for the first time in a trade edition and ordered according to their use in services during the year, are Canticle of Canticles, The Book of …

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Dinah’s Daughters: Gender and Judaism from the Hebrew Bible to Late Antiquity

… Zlotnick

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

The status of women in ancient Judaism (Hebrew Bible and Rabbinic texts) has long been a contested issue. What does being a Jewess entail in antiquity? Men in ancient Jewish cultures are defined primarily by what duties they are expected to perform, the course of action that they take. The Jewess, in contrast, is bound by stricture.

Writing on the formation and transformation of the ideology of female Jewishness in the ancient world, …

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On the Book of Psalms: Exploring the Prayers of Ancient Israel

Nahum M. Sarna

Publisher: Schocken Books

This book is the result of a lifetime of study of the Hebrew Bible by a mature scholar whose love of the Tanakh, and especially of the Psalter, shines through on every page. It is a beautiful book written in a poetic style worthy of the psalms themselves.

Available in softcover

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Growth Through Tehillim: Exploring Psalms for Life Transforming Thoughts

Growth Through Tehillim: Exploring Psalms for Life Transforming Thoughts

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Publisher: Artscroll

Tehillim (Psalms) – the timeless words of King David, the first that Jews in every generation have turned to in times of trouble and times of joy. Tehillim – words of praise from the “Sweet Singer of Israel,” sung as a plea for salvation from his pursuers and in thanksgiving for G-d’s miracles. Tehillim – the service of the heart par excellence.

But Tehillim can be more than a …

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Understanding the Hebrew Bible - A Reader’s Guide

Elliott Rabin

Publisher: Ktav

Understanding the Hebrew Bible: A Reader¡¯s Guide is written clearly and jargon-free and provides an orientation to the vast compendium of biblical materials by explaining the different kinds of writing found in the Bible, including storytelling, law, history, prophecy, wisdom and poetry. Each section is informed by current biblical scholarship, but presented in a manner accessible to a general audience. Unlike …

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Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Tanakh Companion: The Book of Samuel

… of The Temple: Its Symbolism and Meaning Then and Now (Jason Aronson, 1995). His most recent book, Narrative Analogy in the Hebrew Bible, was published by Brill Academic Publishers in 2004. He is currently a fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Jack Bieler was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 1974. He served on the faculty of Yeshivat Ramaz from 1974-88. Since 1988, Rabbi Bieler has served as Lead Teacher, Chairman of the Judaic Studies Department …

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Small Tehillim - Hebrew

Small Tehillim - Hebrew

Hebrew only; 3″ x 4″ — great for travel!}

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JPS Book of Psalms: A New Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text

… mourn and have helped all of us find the spiritual in everyday life. We are pleased to reissue The Book of Psalms, with the new JPS translation, separately from the TANAKH.

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Esther / Ruth / Jonah Deciphered: The Complete Hebrew And English Text With A New Historical Commentary

Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Publisher: Devora Publishing

In the Book of ESTHER, the Jews of the Persian Empire are threatened with death but given eleven months’ notice of their day of destruction, is that credible? On RUTH, the Midrash quotes Rabbi Ze’ira, of the Third Century CE, as saying, “this Scroll tells us nothing of ritual purity or impurity, of prohibition or permission…” but is that correct? And the wretched JONAH, tossed on the high …

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First Steps in Hebrew Prayer

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer

Publisher: Hebrew World

Learn Jewish prayer for beginners with the friendliest prayer tutorial. In addition to the book, hear every prayer and blessing on the enclosed CD. See text in English, Hebrew and transliteration.

This best-seller beautiful book provides an easy and pleasant start with the first steps of Jewish prayer, bringing to you the most important prayers and blessings. It features the …

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The Book of Exodus - Sam Fink

Sam Fink (illustrator)

Publisher: Welcome Books

The Book of Exodus was originally conceived by artist Sam Fink as a gift to his family, now living in Israel, a vast ocean away from his home in New York City. The Book of Exodus details the Jews’ enslavement in Egypt, their harrowing journey with Moses out of Egypt, and the formation of the new laws established for them by their God. With forty-five original watercolor paintings of skies …

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The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth contains 13 magnificent illustrations that tell the story of Shavu’ot.

The elegant first edition (1000 pieces) in full color is printed on artistic paper in Hebrew and English. The price is $45. Additional $15 for a copy signed by the artist.

This book is included in the following collections: JTS NY, Harvard Judaica Collection and the Library of Congress.

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The Wisdom In The Hebrew Months

By Zvi Ryzman

This book is unique and its author is a marvel.

First the book. Classic works of Jewish thought teach that each of the twelve lunar months corresponds to one of the twelve tribes. What do the months and the respective tribes have in common?

The sacred works teach also that the four letters of Hashem’s sacred Name can be rearranged in twelve different ways, and each of these twelve Name …

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