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Kever Rachel

There is a certain mysterious aura about Kever Rachel. What is the magnetic pull that draws so many Jews to pray there? Why was Rachel not interred in Me’arat Hamachpeila? According to Rashi, she was buried on the way so that the Jews being led to exile could pray at her grave. In Parshat Vayeitzei, [...]

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Parshat Re’eh- Dwelling of G-d: Shilo vs. Jerusalem

Click to Enlarge Naaleh.com presents Rabbi Hershel Reichman teaching about this week’s parsha, Parshat Re’eh In Parshat Re’eh, we read about the various resting places of the Holy Ark. The Torah refers to the final resting place of the Ark as “Menucha V’Nachala”. Chazal say, “Menucha”-tranquility, refers to Shilo and “Nachala”-a resting place, signifies Yerushalayim, [...]

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