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Dreidel Card for Hanukkah

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Spread Hanukkah cheers by making your very own Hanukkah dreidel card. Personalized Hanukkah cards add meaning to the celebration of the holiday. It will show how special the recipient is to you.

For this project, you need scrapbook papers, cardboard, scissors, glue, colored pens and glitters.

Make a card from the cardboard by cutting a 8.5×11 inches rectangle.

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Hanukkah Party Favors

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Hanukkah is a great time to host a party for your family and friends. A Hanukkah party won’t be complete without party favors. Party favors make great gifts for Hanukkah. No matter how simple or grand your Hanukkah party is, your guests will surely remember this event with your unique and memorable party token.

Different parties require different types of party …

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The Complete Jewish Wedding Companion

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

Publisher: The Jewish Learning Group

The ultimate guide to understanding and enjoying a traditional Jewish wedding experience.

The Jewish Wedding Companion takes you through all the steps — from the engagement to the wedding — with clear instructions, explanations, and directions. It also includes all relevant prayers, liturgy, and blessings.

Great …

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Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Publisher: William Morrow

Encyclopedic in scope, but arranged by people, events, laws and ideas, this reference makes available in one volume all the Bible’s timeless stories of love, greed, and the human condition; stories that form the basis for our sense of morality. It not only provides a complete education in all the books of the Hebrew Bible but it conveys …

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