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The Process of Koshering the Beef

For a food to be kosher, it has to conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law. These rules form the basic aspect of Kashrut or the Jewish dietary laws. It is of Jewish practice to make sure that no unclean and impure foods enter our body. Beef can be consumed only if they [...]

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The Process of Koshering a Chicken

Slaughtering animal following Jewish laws is a skill that requires in-depth knowledge of the Jewish Dietary Laws. Koshering a slaughtered animal is considered by many as the most humane way of killing animals. To become a kosher butcher, one must practice and learn this skill very well for a couple of years before becoming certified. [...]

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How to Kosher Meat

Back in the old days, the process of koshering was done at home, most of the time involving all members of the household in the different steps. Nowadays, koshering a meat is usually done in butcher shops. However, some Jewish families still choose to kosher their meat. Koshering is the process of slaughtering meat following the [...]

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