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Where can a wondering Jew get a kosher meal in Uganda?

… way. They found their kosher substitutions in a sweet bread called bizcocho and a drink made from purple corn known as chicha morada.

In an ever-shrinking world, an increasing number of opportunities are appearing for kashrut-observant Jews who wish to visit exotic foreign locales. But the age-old question for the wandering Jew remains: Where can we eat?

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History Timeline of Jewish People in America

History Timeline of Jewish People in America

… Reacting to the murder of Jews in Kishinev, Russia, American Jewry moves to become a more tightly knit community.

Kaufmann Kohler is elected president of the Hebrew Union College

1904 Angered by Russia’s anti-Semitic policies, financier Jacob Schiff underwrites a bond issue of $200 million for Japan during the Russo-Japanese war.  He also uses his influence to dissuade others from supporting Russia financially and provides aid for Russian Jewish self-defense groups.

National …

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The Coffee Trader

… are won and lost in an instant. Miguel Lienzo, a sharp-witted trader in the city’s close-knit community of Portuguese Jews, knows this only too well. Once among the city’s most envied merchants, Miguel has suddenly lost everything. Now, impoverished and humiliated, living in his younger brother’s canal-flooded basement, Miguel must find a way to restore his wealth and reputation. }}Miguel enters into a partnership with a seductive Dutchwoman who offers him one last chance at …

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The Sacrifice of Tamar

… man while babysitting her nephew. Unwilling to become an object of pity and gossip in her tightly knit Brooklyn community, Tamar resolves to hide the fact from her family, friends, and neighbors. She even keeps the incident a secret from her pious husband, Josh, afraid that he will divorce her if Jewish law commands him to. When Tamar discovers that she is pregnant, however, she must reevaluate. The child could be the rapist’s, but it might also be Josh’s, with whom she slept that very …

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The Search for the Stones

… through time. Sent on this mission by a mysterious man in white, and pursued by an evil man in purple, they must face danger – and learn lessons of friendship, courage, and other Jewish values – in order to save the world from deadly peril!

Let your faith and your pure hearts show you the way.

Ari and Ilana will pan for gold in California during the Gold Rush. They will face the dreaded Spanish Inquisition, search for Nazis in Brazil, and help bring a huge stone to build the Holy …

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