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Tips in Welcoming Non-Jewish Guests to a Jewish Wedding

Are you having a Jewish wedding and inviting some non-Jewish friends over? Traditional Jewish weddings are in many ways different to other types of weddings so it is important to do every effort to make them feel comfortable during the occasion. Here are some tips to make your non-Jewish friends welcome during your Jewish wedding.

If you are making a website for your wedding, include a section that will …

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The Traditional Jewish Wedding Meal

As in other Jewish celebrations, Jewish weddings involve festive meals. The food served during the wedding reception will mainly depend on the ethnic origin and historical backgrounds of the Bride and Groom.

Know your historical background. Ashkenazi Jews are of European origin and their menu traditionally composes of meats, roast potatoes and vegetables. Sephardic Jews, on the other hand, often serve …

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Dancing in a Jewish Wedding

Dancing in a Jewish Wedding

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Jewish weddings are festive occasions. Foods, drinks, music and dancing are all part of the festivities. Modern Jewish weddings choose to have secular bands playing for them. Traditional Jewish weddings on the other hand include Hora as their wedding dance. Enjoy your time as a guest in Jewish weddings with the following tips:

In secular Jewish weddings, men and women can dance together while …

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The Everything Jewish Wedding Book, 2nd Edition

… Media Corporation

From reciting the Kiddush (sanctification prayer) to building the chuppah (wedding canopy), the details of a Jewish wedding can be overwhelming! This wedding guide helps newlyweds understand tradition and plan a wedding they’ll cherish forever. Written by a rabbi who has performed many weddings, this informative guide will help people navigate: the Judaic concept of marriage; engagement etiquette; the proper way to introduce the families; how to confer with a rabbi …

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Make Your Own Jewish Wedding: How to Design a Personal Ritual That Expresses Your True Selves

Ana Schwartzman, Zoe Francesca

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Planning your Jewish wedding? Here is your wise, warm, practical, and invaluable guide to all the personal choices that will express you and your partner’s unique qualities and deepest feelings about this wonderful celebration. Most importantly, through tips and stories, this guide to modern Jewish weddings helps you to incorporate your heritage and evaluate your priorities while preserving the …

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The Complete Jewish Wedding Companion

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

Publisher: The Jewish Learning Group

The ultimate guide to understanding and enjoying a traditional Jewish wedding experience.

The Jewish Wedding Companion takes you through all the steps — from the engagement to the wedding — with clear instructions, explanations, and directions. It also includes all relevant prayers, liturgy, and blessings.

Great for newly engaged couples, parents, and …

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Wedding Song: Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman

… fundamentalism.

Farideh Goldin was born to her fifteen-year-old mother in 1953 and into a Jewish community living in an increasingly hostile Islamic state—prerevolutionary Iran. This memoir is Goldin’s passionate and painful account of her childhood in a poor Jewish household and her emigration to the United States in 1975.

As she recalls trips to the market and the mikvah, and as she evokes ritual celebrations like weddings, Goldin chronicles her childhood, her …

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Royal couple to receive Hebrew scroll for wedding

… and Kate Middleton with a specially-made scroll in Hebrew and English for their upcoming royal wedding on Thursday.

Mike Horton will hand over the scroll he made himself to British Ambassador Matthew Gould at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv.

“A friend came up with the idea of writing a scroll for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine,” he said on Sunday. “We went to a rabbi in Hod Hasharon to phrase the scroll and one refused, but another agreed. He took out the Jewish

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Reading, Writing, and a New Periodical For the Jewish Home

The badchan at Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter’s wedding observed that the choson had learned in Satmar, Vien, Brisk and Lakewood, whose roshei teivos (sovel ) indicated that he was a man of tolerance. Many people would regard serial immersions in such different cultures as equivalent to jumping rapidly between the hot mikvah in Boro Park and the frigid one. Thinking about it is enough to give people a migraine. Yitzchok Frankfurter …

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Jewish Ketubot for Christians

Jewish Ketubot for Christians

… to the age of redemption” story of the day, the Times reports that Christians are adopting Jewish marriage contracts in their wedding ceremonies.

Christians Embrace a Jewish Wedding Tradition


In a San Antonio chapel last August, after reciting their wedding vows and exchanging their rings, Sally and Mark Austin prepared to receive communion for the first time as husband and wife. Just before they did, their minister asked them to sign a document. It was a …

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Judge Kimba Wood Responds to Imbalanced Simchas for Jewish Babies

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In my second year of rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary, I took a year-long seminar that focused on Jewish life-cycle observances. Of course, we covered all the basics like the bris, the Jewish wedding and the Jewish funeral. But we spent more time discussing life-cycle events that traditionally had been given short shrift. In fact, we devoted a great deal of time discussing appropriate ceremonies for the birth of a …

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Eating Jewish: Babka

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With all the delicious desserts that are part of the Ashkenazi culinary repertoire it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think that after trying many of them I can safely say that babka is my favorite. My love for babka only developed relatively recently but it’s a strong one.

I owe my introduction to this delightful dessert to my wonderful friend and fellow blogger Alma Heckman. We lived together in Boston …

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Jewish Marriages

… still lives with her parents until the actual marriage ceremony took place.

The bridal canopy

Jewish wedding ceremony is preferably held outside and takes place under a wedding canopy or Chuppah, symbolizing the new home being built by the couple which they will share when they become husband and wife. It is open on all sides which represents hospitality and amiability.

Covering of the bride

The veiling ritual is known as Badeken. Traditionally the bride wears a pure white robe and …

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A Handbook for the Jewish Home

Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch, celebrated author of The Jewish Books of Why, has helped a generation understand the reasons behind Jewish law, custom, and ritual. Now, in A Handbook for the Jewish Home, he provides us with a practical guide that explains precisely and concisely how to conduct ourselves both in our homes and when interacting with the Jewish community at large.}}Without underestimating the reader’s intelligence or overestimating his …

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Inventing Jewish Ritual: New American Traditions

Vanessa Ochs

Publisher: JPS

Vanessa Ochs invites her readers to explore how Jewish practice can be more meaningful through renewing, reshaping, and even creating new rituals–blessings for newborn daughters, Miriam’s cup, becoming an elder, and more.

We think of rituals — the patterned ways of doing things that have shared and often multiple meanings — as being steeped in tradition and therefore unalterable. But rituals have always been reinvented. When we …

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The Book of Customs: A Complete Handbook for the Jewish Year

Scott-Martin Kosofsky

Publisher: Harper Collins

Fifteen years ago while researching Jewish imagery, award-winning book designer Scott-Martin Kosofsky happened upon a 1645 edition of the Minhogimbukh — the “Customs Book” — a beautifully designed and illustrated guide to the Jewish year written in Yiddish, the people’s vernacular. Captivated, he investigated further and learned that from 1590 to 1890, this cross between a prayer book and a farmer’s almanac was …

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Arthur Schwartz’s Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited

Arthur Schwartz, Ben Fink

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Arthur Schwartz knows how Jewish food warms the heart and delights the soul, whether it’s talking about it, shopping for it, cooking it, or, above all, eating it. JEWISH HOME COOKING presents authentic yet contemporary versions of traditional Ashkenazi foods–rugulach, matzoh brei, challah, brisket, and even challenging classics like kreplach (dumplings) and gefilte fish–that are approachable to make and revelatory …

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Delights of the Jewish Kitchen: Cakes, Cookies & Pastries

Tzippora Kreisman

Publisher: Feldheim

If desserts have a bible, this is it! Imagine the enticing scent of fresh-baked cookies, cakes, and pastries wafting from your very own kitchen, to the delight of your family and friends. It’s not just in your imagination any more, thanks to this sensational cookbook. The author, a baker par excellence, imparts her tried-and-true recipes for a variety of baked goods that will enhance your Shabbos, …

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The New York Times Jewish Cookbook: More than 825 Traditional & Contemporary Recipes from Around the World

… St. Martin’s

From the food pages of The New York Times comes this authoritative, wide-ranging Jewish cookbook. With almost 800 well-tested recipes by Times food writers, this collection includes influences from Northern Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. It is a collection to cook from as well as to celebrate the history, culture, culinary creativity, and enduring tradition of Jews around the world.

Mimi Sheraton, food critic and cookbook author, …

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Cooking Jewish: 532 Great Recipes from the Rabinowitz Family

… traditional matzoh balls and Judy’s contemporary version with shiitake mushrooms. Cooking Jewish gathers recipes from five generations of a food-obsessed family into a celebratory saga of cousins and kasha, Passover feasts � the holiday has its own chapter � and crossover dishes. And for all cooks who love to get together for coffee and a little something, dozens and dozens of desserts: pies, cakes, cookies, bars, and a multitude of cheesecakes; Rugelach and Hamantaschen, …

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The Jewish Book of Why

… Publisher: Penguin

Why do Jews eat gefilte fish?

– Why is a glass broken at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony?

– Why must the chapter of curses in the Torah be read quickly in a low voice?

– Why are shrimp and lobster not kosher?

– Why do Jews fast on Yom Kippur?

– Why are some Matzot square while others are round?

If you’ve ever asked or been asked any of these questions, The Jewish Book of Why has all the answers. In this complete, concise, fascinating, and …

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Inside Judaism: The Concepts, Customs, And Celebrations of the Jewish People

… between custom and law, taken together they unite individual Jews within a community as well as Jewish communities around the world. They also serve to give Judaism its continued relevance and enduring strength.

In Inside Judaism, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch, distinguished author of The Jewish Book of Why, explores the interrelationship between Jewish thought and everyday Jewish practice. He shows how concepts are manifested in deed. The entries in this wide-ranging encyclopedic work discuss …

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Ketubbot: Marriage Contracts from the Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum, NY, Claudia J. Nahson (Introduction)

Publisher: Pomegranate

Marriage is one of the most important mitzvot (commandments) in Judaism, and the Scriptures are replete with verses encouraging the union of man and woman. One of the essential elements of a Jewish wedding ceremony is the writing and transfer of a contract, or ketubbah (plural ketubbot).

Originally formulated to …

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Eating Jewish: Iraqi Purim Delicacies

… I began to look at the dishes of Sephardic Jews. I came across many delicious recipes from Jewish communities across the Sephardic world, but it was the two following Iraqi recipes that particularly stood out for me.

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Is Pink Jewish?

… at the Grammy’s with her singing, acrobatics and revealing performance in 2010. Her mother is Jewish.

A2006 interview with Pink says about her plans for tattoos, her Jewish mom will be honoured on her right arm, “with Hebrew writing and a cat ’cause she’s a snob and she’s a nurse and all that stuff,” she says cryptically.

Read More: @ tzvee.blogspot.com

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ADL calls to educate flight crew on Jewish religious practices

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) urged Tuesday to better educate airline personnel about Jewish religious practices after and incident in which flight attendants issued a security alert when three Mexican Jews began praying with Tefillin.

Flight attendants aboard Alaska Airlines Flight 241 from Mexico City to Los Angeles issued a security alert on Sunday after three Orthodox Jewish passengers began praying with Tefillin.

Following the alert the place was met at LAX by fire …

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Is Terri Bonoff Jewish?

Is Terri Bonoff Jewish? Yes, Minnesota State Senator Terri Bonoff is a Jew. The Minnetonka politician is making waves in the legislature by protesting prayers made in the chamber in the name of Jesus by an anti-Muslim minister, Rev. Dennis Campbell of St. Cloud.

Instead of basking in unproductive hours or minutes of prayer, we think all legislators ought to try working harder while they are at their …

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The “Top 11″ Landmarks in Jewish Women’s Labor History

… dimension to our understanding of history. This was the impetus behind JWA’s effort to put Jewish women “On the Map.” This month, we have been commemorating the centennial of the Triangle factory fire, which took the lives of 146 garment workers.

The history of the labor movement in the U.S. is inextricably linked with this watershed event. It is also linked to the physical site of the factory and a number of other places around New York City–most still standing–where …

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German Jewish leader calls boycotts anti-semitic

Dieter Graumann, the new head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, on Tuesday issued a blistering attack on German peace activists who are promoting a boycott of Israeli fruit and cosmetic products.

“To me, the calls for a boycott – as I have said before in the matter in North Rhine- Westphalia – naturally are anti-Semitic in character,” Graumann told The Jerusalem Post. What …

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Conservative Jewish College Students Get Short Shrift

… in 1996, I sat down to begin writing a draft of my application essays for rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary. One of the questions asked what the focus of my future rabbinate would be and it didn’t take long to formulate an answer that included paying more attention to Jewish college students.

As an active student in the university’s Jewish community at the time, I recognized that college students don’t often get the attention they should from their synagogues or …

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