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Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People

Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People

Jon Entine

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Could our sense of who we are really turn on a sliver of DNA? In our multiethnic world, questions of individual identity are becoming increasingly unclear. Now in ABRAHAM’S CHILDREN bestselling author Jon Entine vividly brings to life the profound human implications of the Age of Genetics while illuminating one of today’s most …

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The Election of Israel: The Idea of the Chosen People

David Novak

Publisher: Cambridge University

The view of themselves as the chosen people of God has been maintained by Jews from the beginnings of their history to the present. The author explores the development of this idea in Jewish theology and law, and essays a contemporary retrieval of the classical doctrine of election. Through an examination of the philosophical implications of …

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Why The Jews are hated

Why The Jews are hated

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AntiSemitism (also spelled anti-Semitism) is defined by WIKIPEDIA as a preconception against or hostility towards the Jews, often rooted in hatred of their ethnical background, culture, tradition and/or religion. In its extreme form, it “attributes to the Jews an exceptional position among all other civilizations, defames them as an inferior group and denies their being …

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People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks

Publisher: Penguin

nspired by a true story, People of the Book is a novel of sweeping historical grandeur and intimate emotional intensity by an acclaimed and beloved author. Called “a tour de force”by the San Francisco Chronicle, this ambitious, electrifying work traces the harrowing journey of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, a beautifully illuminated Hebrew manuscript …

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Who Are the Real Chosen People?: The Meaning of Chosenness in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Reuven Firestone

Publisher: Skylight Paths

Religious people who define themselves as monotheists have often advanced the idea that their relationship with God is unique and superior to all others. Theirs supersedes those who came before, and is superior to those who have followed. This phenomenon tends to be expressed in terms not only of supersessionism, but also chosenness,or election. …

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Education in Ancient Israel - Across the Deadening Silence

James Crenshaw

Publisher: Doubleday

In this groundbreaking new book, distinguished biblical scholar James L. Crenshaw investigates both the pragmatic hows and the philosophical whys of education in ancient Israel and its surroundings. Asking questions as basic as “Who were the teachers and students and from what segment of Israelite society did they come?” and “How did instructors …

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A Short History of the Jewish People: From Legendary Times to Modern Statehood

Raymond P. Scheindlin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

In the United States alone, 200,000 people convert to Judaism each year. Where is the Jewish faith headed, and where has it been? What is the history of this ancient yet contemporary religion?

This comprehensive but handy volume introduces us to the major geographical, cultural, and political forces that have determined the course …

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Jewish People, Jewish Thought

Dr. Robert Seltzer

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Like every distinctive heritage, Judaism must be understood as a creative response to ultimate issues of human concern by members of a group that has faced a unique concatenation of political, economic, and geographical circumstances. And the Jewish historical experience is more unusual than most. Standing both …

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DNA & Tradition: The Genetic Link to The Ancient Hebrews

Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman

Publisher: Devora Publishing

Did the Twelve Tribes of Israel really exist? Are the scattered groups of modern Jews really the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews of the Bible? This extraordinary book chronicles the latest discoveries in the cutting-edge field of Molecular Population Genetics that add empirical evidence and scientific confirmation to Biblical …

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Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons from the Ancient Rabbis

Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons from the Ancient Rabbis

Larry Kahaner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

“Pound for pound, Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons from the Ancient Rabbis delivers more wisdom and practical knowledge than a decade of working experience. Every corporate board should adopt the principles of this bible into an ethics pledge to be signed by their chief executives.”

–Stephen McMenamin

Chairman, …

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The Temple in Jerusalem: A Description of the Second Temple

The Temple in Jerusalem: A Description of the Second Temple

Rabbi Israel Dov Levanoni

Publisher: Brit Chalom Editions Ltd.

A beautiful gift book, which describes the Second Temple according to the understanding of the Rambam. Contains numerous color photos of a scale model of the Beis HaMikdash, plus explanatory diagrams. Includes a large, full-color, fold-out floor plan of the Temple compound. Also contains the entire Maseches Middos in Hebrew …

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The History of People

To me, history is telling stories about people. I have always been fascinated by people’s lives, the decisions they make (or don’t), and ultimately what happens to them. One of my objectives in writing  The SPHAS was to have an opportunity to tell the stories of the players and, in some cases, the fans who attended the games. Who were the SPHAS? Where did they come from? Why were …

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Jerusalem scholars trace Bible’s evolution

A dull-looking chart projected on the wall of a university office in Jerusalem displayed a revelation that would startle many readers of the Old Testament: The sacred text that people revered in the past was not the same one we study today.An ancient version of one book has an extra phrase. Another appears to have been revised to retroactively insert a prophecy after the events …

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What Chinese People Think about Jews

My last post began with a list of stereotypes about Jews. We tell jokes; we like Chinese food; etc. While living and teaching in central China a few years ago, I ran into a few stereotypes that were new to me. I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guizhou Province teaching English at a university WAY off the beaten path. I was one of a small handful of foreigners –- and the only …

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Jewish group promoting polygamy?

Jewish group promoting polygamy?

Are we about to witness a new phenomenon in Israel in the coming years – one man married to several women? Tens of thousands of leaflets were distributed in synagogues across the country recently, promoting the ancient custom and presenting it as a solution for the single daughters of Israel.

The phenomenon of a man married to several women (polygamy) was common among the people …

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Ancient Torah Stolen, Found in Taibe

Israeli Police made a surprising discovery Thursday as they searched a home in the predominantly Arab city of Taibe – an ancient Torah scroll.

The occupant of the house in which the scroll was found was arrested and taken in for questioning. The scroll was taken to the local police station as well.

Officers wrapped their hands carefully before moving it in order to avoid damaging …

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Qumram National Park

Qumram National Park, where the seven Dead Sea scrolls were found was built on the eighth century BCE until the destruction of the temple in 586 BCE.  When the site was called Secaca, it was then abandoned in the second century BCE. During the Arabic period the site was named Qumran from an Arabic word meaning Crescent Moon.

There are about 200 people who lived at the site and were …

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The Ashkelon Marina

The Ashkelon Marina is centrally located on Delila and Bar-Kochba beaches. The Marina has a 600-vessel docking capacity and recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful Marina in Israel. It is situated in the center of the tourist area with its location resulting to a unique relationship between the Marina and its people.

Ashkelon is located 45 minutes from Ben Guron International …

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Independence Day for an American rabbi

In a way, 4th of July is the American Shavuot: the moment when people summon the divine voice by bringing about liberation.

In 1914, Mary Antin, an American Jewish writer and immigration activist, described the founding of the United States in biblical terms:

“I have chosen to read the story of ’76 as a chapter in sacred history…. Once the thunders of God were heard on Mount …

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Maintaining Jewish life in Israel’s ‘Sin City’

Maintaining Jewish life in Israel's 'Sin City'

VIDEO - For the purpose of revitalizing community, a hidden synagogue on 126 Ben Yehuda Street was chosen by a young group of Tel Avivians.Once a desired location was found, people needed to be inspired to join Jewish community life.

Read More: @ ynetnews.com

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Top 50 things to do in Israel

Western Wailing Wall

1.) Western Wailing Wall

Western Wailing Wall is situated at the foot of the western side of the temple of mount in the old city of Jerusalem. Considered as the most holiest place for Jews wherein thousands of Jewish worshiper believes that the presence of God’s spirit is always in the holy temple for thousands of years.

2.) Old City of Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem …

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1,000 people attend prayer service for New Square arson victim

About 1,000 people attended a prayer service yesterday for Aron Rottenberg in New Square.

Rottenberg received burns to 50 percent of his body after police say he was attacked last month by Shaul Spitzer, 18, over what synagogue he chose to worship at.

The service was held at the same synagogue Rottenberg chose not to pray at.

Police say they are also investigating other possible …

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Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon is the first national Design Museum located in the newly urbanized city of Holon, which is a few miles south of Tel Aviv. Ron Arad architects designed the museum in the year 2003 of March. The group of architects met the challenge of producing an international standard edifice to highlight, convey and include the principles of design. They spent four years in creating the …

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The Ancient Bath House in Nazareth

ancient Bath House

Ancient Bath House in Nazareth, Israel is an historical treasure discovered in 1990′s by a couple named Elias Shama and his Belgian wife Martina when they were having a renovation at their art and souvenir shop “Cactus” just beside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel, next to Mary’s Well Square  in the heart of Nazareth,. The couple could not imagine that through their …

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Delhi’s last ten Jewish families guard an ancient heritage

In the capital of one of the world’s most religiously-diverse countries, a Rabbi who has never been ordained bends ancient customs, ensuring New Delhi’s ten Jewish families a place to worship.

Unlike traditional synagogues, there is no separation of men and women as Jewish-born worshipers, converts and followers of other faiths chant Psalms in perfect Hebrew, with doors thrown open …

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Fun things that piss off frum people

Thinking of the lists that Heshy and other contributors are making, I thought of another one — things that piss of frum people, but the items themselves might not really be all that bad.  And these are fun to orchestrate if you can.

Sure the gays piss off frum people and so do people who insist on paying with the credit card, send their frum kids to public school, or vote for …

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Why Koreans study Talmud

Almost every house in South Korea has a translated Talmud. Moreover, the South Koreans have made the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish civil and religious law part of their school curriculum’s compulsory literature.But unlike Israel, even Korean mothers study it and read from it to their children.

Yes in a country if almost 49 million people who believe in …

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Top 50 things to do in Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

1.)  Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is also called as the Church of the Resurrection to Eastern Orthodox Christians, located in the Old city of Jerusalem, far famed as the Christians holiest site and has been an significant pilgrimage since the 4th century. A monumental landmark respected as the Golgotha or Calvary wherein Christ was crucified and the tomb …

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The Citadel

The Citadel in Jerusalem, Israel

The Citadel is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Jerusalem since ancient times, popularly known as the “Tower of David”, perfectly located next to the Jaffa Gate, embraces a marvelous restoration area that used to be Herod’s palace way back in 1st century. The location was chosen for most dominant reason, it is the Jerusalem’s highest point of the south western hill, higher …

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Making the Four Children Speak to Us

One of goals of the Passover seder is make this ancient, traditional ritual speak to us today. On Monday night, throughout the world, Jewish people will retell the story of the Exodus with the commentary of the Haggadah.

For me, the most poignant part of the seder ritual is the section describing four different individuals. These four children have been used as metaphors throughout the ages …

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