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How to Clean the House for Passover

Preparations for Passover usually take a full month. Part of the preparation is to make sure that the entire house is free of chametz. Cleaning for Passover can be a big task but early planning and organized cleaning will make this task easier. Clean all areas of the house where chametz can possibly be found. […]

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How to Make Matzo (Unleavened Bread) for Passover Seder

It is customary to serve Matzo (cracker-like unleavened bread) during Passover Seder.  Matzo is the substitute for leavened bread during Passover. Eating chametz (leavened products) are prohibited during this Jewish holiday. Matzo is eaten during Passover to commemorate the ancient Jews exodus from Egypt. Matzo is a symbol of redemption and freedom and serves as a reminder […]

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