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Why the current use of the term “Torah Jew” is a chillul hashem

Found this interesting piece on the blog To Kiss a Mezuzah and received permission to re-post here. By Susan Esther Barnes We Jews seem to have a lot of labels for ourselves these days. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Chasidic, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Humanistic; the list goes on. In some ways, the labels can be useful. [...]

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How to Behave Inside the Jewish Synagogue

Learning how to behave properly when inside the Jewish house of prayer and worship is very essential especially if it is your first time inside the synagogue. Dressing for a prayer service in the synagogue is the same as dressing up for other churches. Wear a nice formal dress. Men should wear their yarmulke (skullcap). Married women [...]

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