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The Battle for Jerusalem

… has vividly written an unforgettable account of the events surrounding the critical Battle for Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. General Gur’s fast-paced narrative brings alive all the tension, terror, uncertainty, hope and desperation of the conflict.

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A Rumor About the Jews: Reflections on Antisemitism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

… “Finally there is a comprehensive, contemporary look at the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion! Recently there has been a reprinting of studies of this odd but influential work from the distant past and a reediting of the English text, but no scholar until Stephen Eric Bronner has risked taking on the complex and convoluted history of the book, its creation, and its reception. This is a major addition to the study of anti-Semitism in the twentieth century. Given the extremely long …

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The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

… powerful work yet. The Plot examines the outrageous fabrication of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purports to be the actual blueprint by Jewish leaders to take over the world. Hatched as an anti-Semitic plot by the tsar’s secret police to deflect widespread criticism of the government, the Protocols, first published in 1905, succeeded beyond the propagandistic ambitions of its originators; the lie became an internationally accepted truth. Presenting a pageant of historical …

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The Rescue of Jerusalem: The Alliance Between Hebrews and Africans in 701 B.C.

Henry Trocme Aubin

Publisher: Soho Press, Inc.

In the summer of 701 B.C. Jerusalem faced a siege from Assyrian forces that had razed countless walled cities, pillaging and looting them, dispersing the defeated populations to distant places, and torturing the leaders to death. Had the city perished, the small and fragile Hebrew society would have been severely damaged and the world denied its seminal influence. Judaism’s principal offshoots, Christianity and Islam, …

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The Jewish World Family Haggadah: With Photographs by Zion Ozeri

Silberman, Zion Ozeri (illustrator)

Publisher: I Books

World-famous photographer Zion Ozeri, a Manhattan resident raised in Israel, is acclaimed by organizations around the world for capturing, in some instances, the last Jewish communities in many countries, from India to Iran. He has traveled the world collecting these priceless cultural portraits of a people united by tradition. To illuminate the …

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A Night to Remember - The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices

Haggadahs-R-Us, Noam Zion (editor), Mishael Zion (editor), Michel Kichka (illustrator)

Publisher: Zion Holiday Publications

This one is different! —

And it can make a real difference at your Seder.

156 pages

full color, soft cover

Table Talk. Bring this haggadah to the table and turn your Seder into a lively exchange of ideas. Full of triggers for reflection and discussion.

A Seder with a Smile. Enjoy the …

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Wrestling with Zion

… Jewish traditions of lively dispute and rigorous, unapologetic skeptical inquiry. Wrestling with Zion brings together prominent poets, essayists, journalists, activists, academics, novelists, and playwrights, representing the diversity of opinion in the progressive Jewish-American community regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. All the participants share three things: a Jewish identity, an American identity, and a sense of urgency, refusing to ignore the catastrophic injustice that has …

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Beyond the Synagogue Gallery: Finding a Place for Women in American Judaism

Beyond the Synagogue Gallery: Finding a Place for Women in American Judaism

Karla Goldman

Publisher: Harvard Univ. Press

Beyond the Synagogue Gallery recounts the emergence of new roles for American Jewish women in public worship and synagogue life. Karla Goldman’s study of changing patterns of female religiosity is a story of acculturation, of adjustments made to fit Jewish worship into American society.

Goldman focuses on the nineteenth century. This was an era in which immigrant communities strove for middle-class …

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A History of the Jews in the Modern World

… badges to mark their identity. In 1710, a Hamburg municipal ordinance forbade Jews to build a synagogue, to attend private services in numbers exceeding ten families, to marry or “hold commerce†with Christian women, to appear in public on any occasion when crowds of people assembled. In 1750, Frederick II of Prussia divided the kingdom’s Jewry into six classes. The most important encompassed the Jewish majority, who remained entirely ghettoized. Other categories included …

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Zion in the Valley

… Missouri Press

The second volume of a two-volume history of the Jewish community of St. Louis, Zion in the Valley, Volume II covers the St. Louis Jewish population during the twentieth century, continuing where Volume I concluded. Published in 1997, Volume I deals primarily with the achievements of the German Jewish immigrants who dominated the St. Louis Jewish community during the nineteenth century. In the latter part of that century, a second large wave of Jewish immigrants, this time …

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The New Rabbi: A Congregation Searches for Its Leader

… itself for the next generation.

The New Rabbi

The center of this compelling chronicle is Har Zion Temple on Philadelphia’s Main Line, which for the last seventy-five years has been one of the largest and most influential congregations in America. For thirty years Rabbi Gerald Wolpe has been its spiritual leader, a brilliant sermonizer of wide renown–but now he has announced his retirement. It is the start of a remarkable nationwide search process largely unknown to the lay …

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The Jerusalem Syndrome: A Religious Experience

… your average hyperintelligent, ultraneurotic, superhip Jewish standup comedian and seeker.

The Jerusalem Syndrome is a genuine psychological phenomenon that often strikes visitors to the Holy Land with the delusion that they are suddenly direct vessels for the voice of God. Marc Maron seems to have a distinctly American version of the Jerusalem Syndrome, which has led him on a lifelong quest for religious significance and revelation in the most unlikely of places.

Maron riffs on Beat …

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A Circle in the Square: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Reinvents the Synagogue

… In 1964, when twenty-three-year-old Rabbi Steven Riskin became the rabbi of Lincoln Square Synagogue on New York’s Upper West Side, he had no set plan. Nevertheless, he revolutionized Orthodox Judaism by making it attractive and relevant to American Jews.

Within these pages, readers will learn about Rabbi Riskin’s unprecedented approach to adult Jewish education and his steadfast commitment to reaching out to each and every Jew within and beyond the four walls of Lincoln Square …

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Kol Dodi Dofek: Listen - My Beloved Knocks

… Christians could handle the Land of Israel being desolate; they believed that promises about Zion and Jerusalem should be interpreted as foreshadowing Christianity and the Christian Church. But the allegorical reading no longer applied when Zion and Jerusalem were flourishing in Jewish hands.

Rav Soloveitchik’s essay also demonstrates how Torah scholarship reveals new insights that are applicable, years after they were written, to today’s challenges. Two examples speak to today’s …

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Gutnick Edition Chumash in One Volume (Synagogue Edition)

… 80 classic commentaries; 1200 sichos; 5 chumashim; all in one book. The Kol Menachem Chumash “Synagogue Edition” is 5 volumes in one book – unabridged from the single volume editions. It has a beautiful reinforced binding designed specially for frequent use. The luxurious cream paper, manufactured especially for this project, is unsurpassed in brightness, opacity and strength.

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Book of Psalms in Plain English

… translation of Psalms, The Book of Psalms in Plain English: A Contemporary Reading of Tehillim (Jerusalem: Urim Publications, 2006) is a most welcome addition to the attempt to present the poetry of Tehillim in poetic idiom. Following Maimonides’ advice to Samuel ibn Tibbon concerning the translation of his Guide to the Perplexed from Arabic to Hebrew, Dr. Lichtenstein seeks to translate the meaning and idea and not be a slave to the word. Furthermore, he is not afraid of departing from …

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Wisdom From All My Teachers: Challenges and Initiatives in Contemporary Torah Education

… Urim Publications

Co-published with ATID – the Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions in Jerusalem, which was founded in 1998 by Rabbi Chaim Brovender and Rabbi Jeffrey Saks as a center for professional training, resource development, and policy planning for Torah education.

Ben-Zoma says: Who is wise? One who learns from every person, as it states: From all my teachers I grew wise. – Avot 4:1

In both the halakhic tradition and in pedagogical practice, learning and teaching are …

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From the Maggidim of Yesteryear - Volume 1: Bereishis

… maggidim of Eastern Europe; Rav Shalom Schwadron, whose words galvanized all who heard him; the “Jerusalem Maggid,” Rav Ben Zion Yadler; and the venerable Rav Yaakov Galinsky. These giants of the spirit offer us parables that bring our own life choices into sharp focus. They tell stories of great men and humble ones, each with a lesson that we can take into our daily lives.

When reading From the Maggidim of Yesteryear we are transported to another world, the wonderful world of the …

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Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Tanakh Companion: The Book of Samuel

… published by Brill Academic Publishers in 2004. He is currently a fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Jack Bieler was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 1974. He served on the faculty of Yeshivat Ramaz from 1974-88. Since 1988, Rabbi Bieler has served as Lead Teacher, Chairman of the Judaic Studies Department and Assistant Principal for Judaic Studies at the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington, now the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, MD. …

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The Temple in Jerusalem: A Description of the Second Temple

… City of David and the junction of Hinnom and Kidron Valleys.

The Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem measures today approximately 45 acres in extent. It is surrounded by a trapezoidal wall: The south wall measures about 910 feet, the North about 1025, the east wall about 1520 and the west wall about 1580 feet in length. The average height above sea level on the platform is about 2400 feet above sea level. Most of the buildings and surface features are Islamic – no visible traces of …

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Brisk on Chumash: Insights on the Parashah from Brisk to Jerusalem

… yeshivah in the contemporary sense of the word, to Brisk, one of the world’s Torah capitals, to Jerusalem, where Torah greatness blossomed anew after the Holocaust, the great bearers of the “Brisker” tradition have stretched minds and elevated souls. Now, as in the pre-war Lithuanian city of Brisk (also known as Brest-Litovsk), this tradition of Talmudic scholarship attracts some of the finest minds of the Torah world.

In this volume, Rabbi Asher Bergman turns to the legendary giants …

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The Bible Psalms with the Jerusalem Commentary

Publisher: Mosad HaRav Kook

3-volume set includes the primary text with the Jerusalem commentary.

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Torah Lights

… and leading voice in today’s Jewish world.

The founding rabbi of the famed Lincoln Square Synagogue of Manhattan, Rabbi Riskin is internationally renowned for his innovative educational and social action programs, as well as his personal outreach to Jews of all backgrounds. He is the founder and chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone Colleges and Graduate Programs, a network of groundbreaking educational institutions including a rabbinical and communal leadership college for men, a college for …

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The JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions

… · Although a recital of the Ten Commandments was once part of the daily service at the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews elsewhere were forbidden to recite them · The Kaddish, which now closes every Jewish service, as well as sections within the service, was originally not even part of the synagogue ritual.

Ronald Eisenberg has distilled an immense amount of material from classic and contemporary sources into a single volume, which provides thousands of insights into the origins, history, and …

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What You Will See Inside: A Synagogue

What You Will See Inside a Synagogue will:}}–Satisfy kids’–and adults’–curiosity about what goes on in synagogues attended by their friends, broadening awareness of other faiths at an important age when opinions and prejudices can first form}}- Provide Jewish children with a deeper understanding of the practices of their own religious tradition}}- Give children the opportunity to ask questions, making them more …

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Discovering Jewish Music

… Edelman

Publisher: JPS

Most of us have experienced “Jewish music,” whether it’s through synagogue attendance, a bar mitzvah celebration, a klezmer concert, or the playing of “Hava Nagila” at a baseball game. The many different kinds of Jewish music are reflected by the multitude of Jewish communities throughout the world, each having its own unique set of experiences and values. This book puts the music into a context of Jewish history, philosophy, and sociology.

Edelman …

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Discovering Jewish Music

… Publisher: JPS

Most of us have experienced “Jewish music,” whether it’s through synagogue attendance, a Bar Mitzvah celebration, a klezmer concert, or the playing of “Hava Nagila” at a baseball game.

The many different kinds of Jewish music are reflected by the multitude of Jewish communities throughout the world, each having its own unique set of experiences and values This book helps put all of that music into a context of Jewish history, philosophy, and sociology. …

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A Table For One: Under The Light Of Jerusalem

… Table For One is an interchange between one artist and another, father and son, about their city, Jerusalem. It brings together an unknown side of Aharon Appelfeld’s writing, with the subtle, haunting paintings of his son, Meir Appelfeld, who studied fine art at the Royal Academy of Art, London, and exhibits widely.

In this treasure of a book, Appelfeld reveals the centrality of Jerusalem in his life and work. However, his “city of light” proved far more than a shelter and the place …

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Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Painting and Sculpture in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s Israel Museum has long been renowned for its collections of Judaica, Near Eastern artifacts, and rare books, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. But the museum’s hidden treasures are its Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings and sculpture. In this dazzling volume, published just after the Israel Museum’s 40th anniversary, the institution’s superb collection of …

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Jerusalem Stone and Spirit: 3000 Years of History and Art

… Publications

As the spiritual center of the world’s three monotheistic religions, Jerusalem is a crossroads of art, architecture, and history. The sanctified sites of the city, its fascinating personages, and its breathtaking landscapes have captivated the imagination of artists over the centuries-but, as in every culture, the images that resulted speak more of the values and beliefs of their creators that of the actual course of events. Jerusalem: Stone and Spirit offers a …

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