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AllJewishLinks.com Newsletter Issue # 17 February 15, 2012

A few days ago, a photo of a loaf of bread purchased at the Empire Kosher supermarket, with what appeared to be a second price label raising the cost of the loaf by 50 cents. The bakery department operator Yoily Glick tells us it was just a simple mistake: the sticker for a different and […]

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Oprah and the Hasidic Ladies

Tonight, OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, is airing the second part in its “Hasidic Jews of Brooklyn” special. Oprah visits Crown Heights, and after last night’s episode where she toured a Chabad family’s home, tonight she sits down with a quartet of Hasidic women for an in-depth interview about sex, children, spirituality, and good wigs. […]

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The Hasidic Women – Why They Wear Wigs

Hasidic women wear clothing that is according to the principles of dress modesty in Jewish law. Haredi women wear long, conservative skirts. They also wear sleeves past the elbow. Hasidic women strictly follow the laws of tzenuit. They are also required to act accordingly and with respectable behavior. Married women cover their hair with a […]

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