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The Story of Chanukah

by Sarah LeonIllustrated by: Tova Katz Ages 6-12 The Story of Chanukah. Watch it come alive. The candles have been lit. The presents have been given out. Now it is time to retell the Chanukah story to the children. And what a tale it is! With its evil king and courageous Jews fighting for their [...]

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Ramat Modiim - Glenwood Jewish center in Hashmonaim, Israel

Name: Ramat Modiim - Glenwood Jewish center Address1: Address2: City: Hashmonaim Location: Israel Zipcode: 73127 Type: Orthodox Tel: 972 8 976 2466 Fax: 972 8 976 1635 Services: Daily Services, Fri Evening Services, Shabbat Morning Services, High Holidays, Tourist Visits Website:

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